One of the things that I’ve been getting asked so much these last few months is:  why are you doing this?

It’s a lot of things, a million reasons.  I thought I’d write some down.  It’s because:

  • eleven years ago, our family ran out of options to successfully treat our mother.  Now, there are options, even to the rarest of blood cancers – thanks to cutting edge research funded by your donations.
  • early detection is critical to finding the right treatment and protocols, and LLS has done so much to connect researchers in diagnosing patients of rare blood cancers and developing protocols for patients quickly.
  • LLS has developed an effective, and efficient approach to increasing the cure rates of even the most rare blood cancers with their Therapy Acceleration Program.
  • every three seconds, another person is diagnosed with Leukemia or Lymphoma.

If not me, who?  If not now, when?
It’s the same question these doctors asked themselves when developing a cure for blood cancers out of an unlikely source: HIV.  Learn more about how new, cutting-edge advanced therapies are turning the world of blood cancer treatment upside down!

What happened to our family and friends in the loss of my mother was devastating, but there is no need to loose another wife, sister, daughter, mother and friend – no need to lose anybody.

Please consider a donation today and help put an end to the cancer that already took our sunshine – Kyle Lindsay – away from us too soon.